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vera pavlovaLisa Pavlova

vera pavlova

On the distant shore of speech. Poems on poetry.

The main notion in Lisa Pavlova’s life is non-conformism. Her friends are young painters, photographers, and musicians, who are not cramped by the demands of “the market”, “trends”, and “prime time”.

Lisa is a student of The Best University in the Land (you can guess that it stands for the Moscow State University); she writes poetry, as all children of literary parents do; and she manages to reconcile her classical style of dressing with tattoos and Converse sneakers (Russian Elle magazine, March 2009).

Also, see her interview with Vera Pavlova in the same issue of "Elle".

vera pavlova

Natasha Pavlova

vera pavlova

Will soon graduate from the Moscow Conservatory of Music, specializing in operatic singing (the class of Prof. K.G. Kadinskaya). Her voice is a powerful soprano with a beautiful pearly tone and remarkable musical and artistic qualities. She works as an actress at Anatoli Vasiliev’s School of Dramatic Arts theatre (productions of “Don Juan” and “Gibraltar”).

Between the ages of 9 and 14, she performed as an actress of the Young Actors’ Musical Theatre (Aleksandr Fedorov, director); later she studied choir conducting at the Gnessin School of Music, theory of music at the Schniettke College, and acting at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (courses by Aleksandr Tittel and Roman Viktiuk).

Natasha is also an accomplished pianist and has considerable skills in modern dance and in acrobatics.

наташа павлова

You can hear her sing classical music



You can hear her sing classical music on YouTube ….

Steven Seymour

vera pavlova

is a professional interpreter and translator of Russian,
Polish, and French.

He has translated W. H. Auden, Charles Simic, James Tate, and Billy Collins into Russian; Zbigniew Herbert, Adam Zagajewski, and Wislawa Szymborska into English, and R.M. Rilke’s French poems into English.

His English translations of Vera Pavlova’s poems have appeared in "Tin House" and "The New Yorker", and are expected to be published as a book in 2010.

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